Startup Tools From Emstell - Domain and Hosting -

Startup Tools From Emstell – Domain and Hosting

Startup Tools From Emstell – Domain and Hosting

Domain and Hosting

Hosting (also known as website hosting or Web hosting) is the means of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. Can be thought of renting space on a computer to hold your website. Your host, the computer where your website files are stored, assigns an address (DNS) for your files to your domain name so that anyone can find your website on the Internet by typing in your domain name.

Your domain name is the name of your site or your url ( and can be purchased by going to a domain name registrar. Domain names usually range from about $10 to $50/year depending on the extension. (.ca are more expensive than .com.)

In order for your website to appear on the Internet, the files need to be uploaded to a server. These can be “hosted” at a hosting company. Hosting is usually billed monthly or annually at a rate of $10 to $50/month depending on how the type of server you need and how much space and bandwidth you are using.

Find some of the companies and tools available online which can help you in hosting your website. Always note that each tool might have difference in the benefit it brings, so choosing the right one to use and how to use should be sorted out based on the or  you are on for the business.

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Once you’ve got a great idea for your business model, now you’re all set to take action by setting up a website. Being in the startup world, you are always looking for more cost effective ways to run your business. Identifying the right #hosting provider is an important task. If you choose the wrong one, you may end up wasting a lot of money. You may pay more than you need to pay, because you could end up paying for services you will never use. The other side of that coin is also a possibility: you could get stuck with a service provider that doesn’t offer the applications you need to operate your website properly.

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