Startup Tools From Emstell – Wireframes and Mockups -

Startup Tools From Emstell – Wireframes and Mockups

Startup Tools From Emstell – Wireframes and Mockups

Wireframes and Mockups

Wireframes are used to define the framework, the information hierarchy, demonstrate workflow, provide details on what is on the screen, and a description on how a component works (annotation). Depending on the complexity of the application or site, wireframes should be built upon another requirement deliverable; process models. Wireframes can be used to elicit requirements from a client, and eventually confirm requirements with a client. Wireframes are a visual model of the structure of a site or application. They do not define the font that will be used, the padding, the color, the style etc. They are not to scale, and they have no tones or gradients. All of this needs to be communicated with the client so they understand the process and the context of the wireframe deliverable, in conjunction with other requirement deliverables.

A mock-up is typically created in Photoshop and while it is based on the structure, or framework of the confirmed wireframe deliverable, it is a distinct deliverable, with a distinct schedule and approval process. Mock-ups or comps, define the visual style, or tone of the interface. Once accepted, mock-ups translate into a number of additional requirements or work products, such as CSS code, style guides, graphical assets, etc.

We have selected some of the best wireframe tools to get you started. Always note that each tool might have difference in the benefit it brings, so choosing the right one to use and how to use should be sorted out based on the  or  you are on for the business.

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Wireframe tools make the process of knowing how to create an app or website fundamentally easier, by visually stripping the product down and allowing all involved to focus purely on functions and user interactivity.

Developers and Prospect Users need to understand how your proposed app or website will work. But simply explaining to them verbally or textually leaves the vast majority of functions down to their imagination. Wireframe tools can be extremely helpful in squaring that circle.

There are more wireframe tools on the market than ever, each offering varying levels of functionality. Some software can be used purely for simple wireframes, while others will allow you to create a working prototype.

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