Does Your Business Really Needs a Website to Stay Ahead?

Does Your Business Really Needs a Website to Stay Ahead?

Does Your Business Really Needs a Website to Stay Ahead?

Before getting into the topic if you need a website or not. Let me tell you a small incident that happened a few days back.

Last week I was looking for a place to buy an MT helmet nearby my office. Google search returned nothing and even after visiting several brick and mortar stores I wasn’t able to find a single place that sells it.

Finally, I decided to order it from an online seller belonging to a different state, but was a little skeptical as a proper fit is everything and I wasn’t sure about which size to go for.

While I was searching for a tape to measure the size of my head I received a Facebook notification from my friend asking me to check out a page. I opened that and came to know about a shop selling bike accessories.

I rang them up and to my surprise they had the helmet in stock and that too at a discounted rate. I reached there as fast as I could and grabbed it.

That was one of the happiest moments of my life :D.

What do you think led to the purchase?

Yes, you rightly guessed it I was able to find them online.

Does your business needs a website


At the end of the day revenue and profit is what that really matters.

Let’s look at a few ways a website will be able to help you achieve that.



Imagine that you want to buy a new set of shoes. Where will you look for them first?

Most of the time you would just compare the pricing online and if you haven’t purchased them before you’ll go through a review or two.

But what if the shoes that caught your eyes are from an unknown brand and you can’t seem to find even a website regarding the same online.

Will you still buy it?


I leave it to you to decide.



Let’s take the example of that helmet that I was telling you earlier.

Imagine instead of that helmet I’m looking for a product that your company sells and end up buying it from a different online store.

Well, it won’t amount to much, but multiply it by a few hundred thousand and see how much it adds up to.

That’s the amount of business you would lose if your potential customers can’t find you online.


24×7 Presence

Once your store is closed or if it’s a holiday for you and your employees your customers will have to just walk away and return at a later time when you’re open.

It would work, but the problem with this approach is that if they can get the same product from an online store, they would opt for that instead.


Customer Support

Answering to customer grievances takes a lot of time and not answering to them leaves a bad impression.

Many a time customers just come to your website to seek help, a FAQ page can help solve most of these issues and for the issues that remain unresolved, a contact us button on your website will do.


Online brochure

Calculate the amount of money you will have to spend if you ever plan to distribute brochures to market your business.

It won’t amount to much, but still having an online brochure widens your reach and gives you the freedom to make changes and upload it whenever you feel like.


Increase Conversions

Promoting your products on social media sites such as Facebook will help build brand awareness and by sharing helpful resources online you can build a fan following who’ll be interested in your products if the need for it arises.

If you don’t have a website or have a nonfunctional one, then it’s not enough as by not having a website you are missing out on some simple good and cheap marketing opportunity that is available to your competitors.

Having a website might seem unnecessary at the beginning, but if properly designed and maintained can help you reap the benefits.

A website not only gives you credibility but it can also be used to outrank large multinational companies using SEO techniques and funnel off their potential customers no matter how small your business might be.


You don’t need to break your bank to build a website, a simple website that tells people about your company and products will be more than enough.

Get in touch with us at for an SEO friendly website that’ll help you stay ahead of your competitors.

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