School, Nursery, College, Document, and Restaurant Management System in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
School Management ERP


School Management System - Bilingual Supporting Arabic and English

Features transactions and activities for managing the entire lifecycle of a student in the school. From Enrollment to the Final TC Issuance, the module features the activities pertaining to both Academic and institution level management activities. School can create various subjects lists, different rules of attendance and management of the day to day administration pertaining to the students of the school. The system supports and is flexible for customizing for various academic curriculums including British, American, CBSE, ICSE and International requirements.

Academics Management

The academic cycle of the school with respect the curriculum is handled in the sections in School Management. Different sections in the school can have different evaluation methods. The report cards can be generated based on the evaluations patterns. Online Campus allows the school to define its on non-academic evaluation for the soft skills assessment for its pupil.

Fee Management System

The system Fee Chart option allows designing the fee collection pattern of the school based on individual needs such as monthly, quarterly fee, annual fee. Fee discounts for the second, third kid of a parent. Online Campus allows easy payment mechanism for parents through online and other defined payment channels. The outstanding fee can be tracked and reminded through the SMS System and is updated in accounts as receivables ensuring accurate financial figures at any point of time. Entire fee and payment transactions will be fed to the accounting module.

Financial Accounting System

The accounting system is powered by the widely used Biznet application from Emstell. The system ensures real-time update to the financial data from all modules ensuring round the clock accuracy of the information. The proposed dashboard will enable the school authorities to make good decisions supported by the data analysis and Intelligence.