Six Kicks


SixKicks - Competitive Prediction Game for EPL - Football Unleash your inner sportsman and challenge friends or fellow fans around the world to predict EPL results and events with Six Kicks! It's the competitive prediction game that's all about what you love most — the EPL! ARE YOU TALENTED ENOUGH FOR SIX KICKS? - Answer 6 questions to predict events and outcomes of each EPL round - Collect 50 points for each correct prediction - Bonus +700 points for predicting all six! •DOUBLE KICK - Double your points from the previous round by answering the Double Kick correctly - Be strategic — you can play Double Kicks only twice per season! •PENALTY KICK - Wager points you've earned on the Penalty Kick - Win double your points if you're right! •START YOUR OWN LEAGUE - Create or join public leagues for EPL fans - Climb to the top of the Leaderboards - Start your own private league just for your friends


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