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Magento is an open source E-commerce platform written in PHP. It provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magento also offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. The software was originally developed by Varien, Inc, a US private company headquartered in Culver City, California, with assistance from volunteers.

Magento employs the MySQL or MariaDB relational database management system, the PHP programming language, and elements of the Zend Framework. It applies the conventions of object-oriented programming and model–view–controller architecture. Magento also uses the “entity–attribute–value” model to store data.


Magento provides two distinct platforms: Magento Open Source (previously Magento Community Edition) and Magento Commerce.

Magento Open Source

Magento Open Source, previously Magento Community Edition, is an open-source eCommerce platform. Developers can implement the core files and extend its functionality by adding new plug-in modules provided by other developers. Open Source is the free edition of Magento and provides all basic performances and features required to run an eCommerce platform. Since the first public beta version was released in 2007, Magento Open Source has been developed and customized in order to provide a basic eCommerce platform.

Magento commerce

Magento Commerce marks the merger of the former Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Cloud Edition. It is derived from Magento Open Source and has the same core files. Unlike Open Source, this is not free, but has more features and functionality. This product is designed for large businesses that require technical support with installation, usage, configuration, and troubleshooting. Although Magento Commerce has annual maintenance fees, neither Open Source nor Commerce (On-Premises) include hosting.

On November 17, 2015, Magento 2.0 was released, with an aim to provide new ways to heighten user engagement, smoother navigation, improved conversion rates and revenue generation for store owners. It has business user tools that enhance the user experience of the software

Among the improved features of V2 over V1 are the following:

● Reduced table locking issues, improved page caching.

● Enterprise-grade scalability

● Inbuilt rich snippets for structured data

● New file structure with easier customization

● CSS Preprocessing using LESS & CSS URL resolver.

● Improved performance and a more structured code base.

Magento 2 introduced the Model-View-ViewModel pattern to its front-end code using the JavaScript library Knockout.js.

Magento Consulting and Partners

While Magento 2 has a fully responsive template called “Luma”, customization is most likely to be needed to make the most out of Magento.

Magento Solutions Partners

Magento Solution Partners are companies that have extensive experience implementing and adjusting Magento websites. Anyone who is interested in modifying their Magento website can find a Magento Solution Partner in Magento’s official Solution Partner Directory.

Magento Technology Partners

Magento Technology Partners are companies or products that help merchants improve their website out of the box. Their solutions and extensions cover more than 20 different categories including marketing automation, payments, content management, shipping, tax, hosting, and performance. To ensure quality and compatibility, all Magento Technology Partners pass a rigorous business and technology review. Magento Technology Partners can be found in the official website directory.


There are four different Magento certifications. Three of them aim to prove developers’ competency in implementing modules; one (Certified Solution Specialist) targets business users (consultants, analysts, project managers). Magento Front End Developer Certification is mainly focused on improving the user interface (UI) of back end developers who implement the core modules. The Plus certification tests deep understanding of Magento Enterprise modules and the entire architecture.

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Looking at Internet and Mobile App Trends in Kuwait

The Technology Penetration in Kuwait

Every market is looking for opportunities fitting to the needs or emerging trends. The advent of smartphones and its penetration to the masses have opened up new channels of commerce and transaction across the globe. Each business be that trading, finance, automotive, food or any other there is a big need to differentiate in the offerings and bring value to the customers. Beyond considering as a value ad, it sometimes has become a basic need to have a website or a mobile application for the business. In fact, there are lots of business which have its main platform of transaction as Mobile or web. In this article we shall analyze the trends in Middle East, especially Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia in internet and Mobile app based businesses and helping to find the right technology partner in selecting the development company for mobile apps or website in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE It is important to understand some key statistics of internet usage in the Region
  1. Internet penetration in the Middle East and North Africa is 39%.
  2. The UAE has the highest internet penetration rate at 75%, followed by Kuwait at 64% and Qatar at 61%. Egypt has the lowest rate in the region at 26%.
  3. 53% of e-commerce spenders in Kuwait and 49% in Lebanon used e-commerce for money transfer, while in the UAE, 54% of e-commerce users bought airline tickets, and Egypt marked an aggressive number of 35% for online auctions, versus the second highest being of 6% in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have the highest rates of smartphone penetration at 63% and 61%, respectively, while Egypt has the lowest at 5%
  5. 87% of internet users across the Middle East and North Africa access the internet from home.
Stats Info Courtesy : Kuwait has three mobile operators (Zain, VIVA, and Ooredoo), offering services on one of the most advanced mobile networks in the Middle East. The total mobile cellular telephone subscriptions account to 8,719,000 – a 240% penetration among the population. 100% of land area and population is covered by mobile network, while 4G LTE network has 97% coverage. The LTE coverage in Kuwait is 4th highest in the world, behind South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.     Adoption and availability of new technologies in Kuwait was ranked above average with scores above 5. Kuwait’s IT market is rapidly changing and there is increased demand for the latest technologies (such as analytics, mobility, and cloud services). Oil and gas, telecom, and banking organizations have always been ahead on the IT maturity and adoption curve, and even now are taking the lead in the adoption of advanced technologies. Information courtesy: CONSOLIDATED KUWAIT NATIONAL ICT INDICATORS REPORT 2016

How to find the Best company for Mobile Application or Website Design

  The technology services ecosystem in Kuwait, Saudi and UAE caters to Large government projects to startup web and mobile apps development and website design projects. The organizations are looking for companies with good track record and physical presence in the region. Emstell Technology Consulting has been one of the best technology and software companies operating in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE offering high quality Mobile Application Development in IOS and Android platforms for Businesses and Startups. Emstell with Offices and operations in Kuwait, Saudi and UAE ensures direct connection with the customers enabling seamless communication throughout the project. The project Management team in Emstell comes with over 20+ years of combined experience in advanced technology projects in mobile apps and web design. The technical quality and User experience of the mobile apps, websites and web applications are so important in the delivery model of Emstell, and that makes Emstell as the Best Mobile Application Development and Website Design company in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE. The Emstell team is very active in providing consultations in various technology domains such as Mobile apps development and website design for companies and startups across multiple business domains. Emstell also have a specialized Software Testing and Quality assurance division to ensure the quality of projects as well as working on third party independent software function testing, security Testing and Performance testing of the systems.  

How to Grow a Software Company

In this startup era, growing a software company requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Follow these simple ideologies to build a successful software company. Decide where you want to focus on Instead of focusing on all services at once, focus on just one at the beginning and build from there. Simply put, don’t be a jack of all trades, and master of none. Working on different services at once will help bring extra money, but it also creates unnecessary tension for your staffs, and your company. Strategy Research your market thoroughly and come up with a plan that will set you apart from others. If our competitors are offering their services at a discounted rate, compete on the price. If the potential clients are willing to pay an arm and a leg for the services, then compete on the quality. Retain your employees Taking care of your customers is important, but it’s even more important to take care of your employees. Paying the salary on time, being cooperative, and avoiding useless restrictions and bureaucracy, providing freedom and flexibility are some of the steps that you can take. Fire your Staffs If someone is dragging your company down, then show them the door. Give a second chance only if you’re certain that they won’t repeat the same mistake ever again. It’s better to be safe, than sorry, so choose wisely. Improve Don’t expect your employees to do everything on their own. Build a software development which supports one another. Another step you can take towards it is to review code regularly and conduct weekly meetings. The weekly meetings will help you to improve your product by making changes based on the suggestions of your team. Market Now that you have software in hand, you need to sell it to make profits. You are going to struggle to make the first few sales, but if your product is great just the word of mouth marketing will be enough as people won’t stop talking about your product. But if that’s not the case, don’t lose hope. Improve your product till it becomes perfect. In the meanwhile, promote your product using various digital marketing techniques. Pick your clients carefully Never make the mistake of offering software to a client by saying that it has a certain feature by hiding the fact that it is still under development. By doing so you might make money, but you and your team will end up struggling to satisfy the client and meet the deadline. They might even move against you legally if you fail to deliver the finished product on time. So, do think it through. In the end, just make sure that your team and customers are happy, everything else will follow.  

Australian College of Kuwait

Australian College of Kuwait is leading Higher Education Center in Kuwait and Middle East. ACK has very vibrant campus with strong academia and education departments. ACK’s mission is to generate human capital equipped with practical knowledge and employability skills that contributes to the economic development and welfare of Kuwait. Platforms: iOS and Android  Emstell was selected as the Technology partner for developing the Mobile Apps solution for ACK. Emstell did detailed analysis and delivered the project before time. The ACK apps allow its users to get timely information about various news, promotions and events in ACK. Also it provides details of various departments, contact information, campus map of the ACK Campus. The Photo and Video gallery in the application provided high quality pictures and video about various activities happening in the campus. Emstell Thanks ACK and its Marketing and IT Department for giving us this opportunity. We are always at the best when our clients and partners are truly happy with the work we done. The app has a simple yet elegant UI which makes it very easy to use. The app is divided into 9 sections namely About us, News & Announcements, Events calendar, Gallery, Promotions, Important numbers, Campus map, Contact us and Weblinks About us All you want to know about the college is available in this section which includes vision, mission and core values. This also gives detail information about the various departments in the college such as School of engineering, school of business and the aviation department News & Announcements This section keeps the users up to date with the latest news and announcements related to the Australian College of Kuwait. There is option for users to share the news and announcements with others via email, twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook. Events calendar Various events taking place in Australian College of Kuwait are updated in this section so that users do not miss out on any of the important events. A calendar view makes it easy for the users to check on any particular date for the events that is taking place which are highlighted on the same. A slider images gives a quick view on to which are the upcoming events going to take place which the user can just click on it to see the details page. Here also the users are given option to share the event details with others via email, twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook Gallery The gallery section provides with a wide range of media files consisting of photos and videos which the user can view with a single tap Promotions This section ensure that users do not miss out on any of the active promotions taking place in the college. Here users get to see the image, title and description of the promotion. Share option can be used to share the promotion via email, twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook

KMA – Kuwait Medical Association

Mobile Applications for Kuwait Medical Association. Kuwait Medical Association is the first professional association in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) established in Kuwait on 10/23/1963, which includes approximately 12 000 he/ she human physicians working in the public and private sectors in Kuwait Platforms: iOS and Android iOS Android: Emstell Thanks Kuwait Medical Association for giving us this opportunity. Various features in the apps include
  1. Receive Messages from KMA administrator posting you with all KMA activities.
  2. Offers and promotion only to KMA members.
  3. KMA News Paper on mobile.
  4. Latest Developments.
  5. Archived messages received on your mobile from KMA.
Platforms: iOS and Android iOS Android: