How to get your Mobile app or Website project complete with Quality output

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Being a very strong and technology-oriented software development service company in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Emstell have always prioritized the quality and delivery of projects when preparing the initial plan and managing the project till its closure.

The project should be well documented from the very beginning and the documentation should be used to clearly draw and design each page of the page. Using interactive design prototyping tools, the entire flow of the website or the app have to be laid out. Both parties must review this in detail to confirm the complete pages before starting the project.

Once the project development starts, each module and sub module are spitted to multiple components and assigned to developers, QA and business teams to go through the development, testing and validation cycles. Whenever a testable portion of the application is complete, those are handed over to the clients for testing. As a service provider Emstell makes sure that the customer is testing the solution properly after our internal and integration testing, before signing off and releasing the project to app stores or to the web.

Emstell assures quality in terms technology selection suitable for the project requirements, design detailing to bring in interactive experience for the user to make the best of the apps facilities and features. Contact Emstell for any IPhone Android Mobile Apps development projects in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia and Also for Ecommerce Website design and Development or Business Specific software or website requirements. Thanks

Integrating a suitable payment gateway on your website or Mobile app, In Kuwait, Saudi or GCC?

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Business’s as they go online, it is important to have a suitable payment gateways integrated to the system for the web or app users to make payments to the business as per needs. Some of the important factors to consider are listed below

  • Consider the gateway which is most popular for the user base and prioritize that
  • Local Gateways in each country can help generate business from bulk of users from that country however, if the audience are of wider reach adding gateways which can be used from outside the country users should be considered.
  • Debit Card and Credit Card gateways – depends on user behavior in regions choose to prioritize the Debit Card or Credit Card gateways
    • Generally Credit Card Transactions carry a higher service charge to the business compared to Debit based gateways like KNet, QPay, SADAD Etc.
  • Payment Aggregators
    • Since most payment gateways necessitates to have a real company registered and a bank account for the company, most small businesses face difficulty in getting a gateway for their new project or app. This was the demand the payment aggregators like Payfort, MyFatoorah,GoTap etc catered to.
    • Users can create an account with such providers, integrate the gateways and then receive the money via the service provider. The service provider receives the money from customers and then transfers to the company on scheduled time basis.
  • International Channels
    • Since online shopping took off, many payment gateways like Paypal,Stripe Etc have become really popular. Provided that these companies support depositing money to your account in your chosen country it is good to integrate with such channels. These channels allows find collection from across the world using the Credit Cards from any country.

The commission factor

When ever you choose a payment gateway, make sure to ready the terms, charges involved and more particularly the transaction charges and its structure from the company offering the service. It is ideal to negotiate a good deal from the beginning based on the type of transactions that you are expecting.

Paying a fixed fee per transaction might be a sometime better than giving a percentage from the transaction and vice versa, this has to be seen from the company’s sales position and right choice to be opted for.

At Emstell Technology Consulting, along with the Website Design Development, Mobile apps development and Ecommerce solutions development services, Emstell also offers variety of payment gateway integrations for the needs of the business in apps and websites.

Contact us to discuss how we can work with you on such requirements. Thanks

Document Management and Workflow Automation System from Emstell

Emstell offers one of the most robust document management and archiving system available in Middle East. Emstell’s iDox DMS from its partner automates your business processes and eliminates the operational bottlenecks to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your business. We offer infinite possibilities and delivers its clients an easy way of business integration and implementation.
Some of the advantages of Emstell’s IDOX DMS are ·     Reduce the time required to reach accurate information. ·     Preventing mistakes due to lack of regulation. ·     Making sure that right information is available securely to the right concerned resources successfully. ·     Availing documents over multi channels including Desktops, Web and Mobile. ·     Store all your documents in one secure central electronic repository. ·     Retrieve documents from various locations and multiple file cabinets. ·     Increases productivity & efficiency by decrease the time & cost. ·     Remain competitive by increasing business intelligent. High Level features of the solution ·     Bilingual Support (Arabic, English) ·     Multi Security Levels Login Authentications Repositories Security Level Folder and subfolder Security Level Trays Security Level Document Security Level ·     Applying Privileges to Admin, View, Add, Delete, Annotate, Edit, Print, Email, Downloads, Versioning ·     Document Workflow ·     Friendly User Interface ·     Simple Drag and Drop feature ·     Versioning Feature / keep your documents secure ·     Comprehensive Administration functionalities ·     Various search criteria to retrieve data ·     Email Notifications ·     Unlimited Number of Repositories, Indexes and Document Types ·     High technical support Level (Onsite and Remote Support) Contact Us to discuss further and to discuss how our system can automate the Document Management and Work Flow process in your organization. .

Factors to consider while developing apps like Talabat or Carriage in Kuwait

Kuwait offers a wide variety of restaurants serving various cuisines from across the globe, making it a key food destination in Middle East. Surveys says that by 2020 – all international restaurant chains will have a branch in Kuwait. Alongside the fine dining experience offered, food delivery is a main stream of revenue for the restaurants and food joints. The food ordering and delivery apps have marked a great change in the way people interact with restaurants and are a big advancement in the restaurant business all over the world. They provide convenience and accessibility to the modern foodie who has no time for the trek to his favourite restaurant.

The growth in the market is so high that major worldwide acquisitions are being conducted on apps like these. The reason for the growth of apps is the convenience at which your favourite food is delivered on time to your doorstep. Hence, to grow in a market that is competitive, it is necessary to understand what ticks all the boxes.

The fundamentals and basics of all food delivery apps are the same. The app is created for the end user; the foodie and hence, a simple and clean design, minimalistic UI/UX with no unnecessary clutter, visual enhancement, and local restaurants data integration is what the mobile application needs.
The following are a few functions and features that need to be present in your mobile food ordering app.


When the registration process is simple and easy, it enables the consumer to start ordering or using the app more quickly. Having Social Media integration for logging in helps.


Data is King. Here, the data refers to the information like the number, name of the restaurant, menus, cuisine, description of the dishes etc. All of this information can be accessed through the API used in the mobile apps.


Before going to the payment page, the consumer must have access to the total bill for the order and have the option to reduce or add new items to the order at the time.


Online payment for the sale and introducing offers for online payment helps improve customer relations and reduce losses due to customer issues.


Inbuilt tracking information for the mobile app enables the tracking of the order. An estimate of delivery time can be calculated using a complex algorithm that takes into account information and reduces the stress levels of the end user.


Allowing the customer to rate and review the service and the food separately helps understand who was at fault for the poor rating. This empowers the business to work on improvements.

For a good food ordering mobile app to function, it has to have 3 variants present- one for the end user- one for the restaurateur- one for the delivery peopleThey have to have certain functions specialised for them.
For example, the end user has to have a collection of new menus and restaurants to choose from. This feature is not necessary for both the restaurateur and the delivery executive. For the delivery executive, tracking and direction feature is a must and for the restaurateur, order taking capability is a must.
Having these features and having them run smoothly is what makes a food ordering app perfect. A good mobile app development team is a great boon to the strong growth curve for food ordering apps similar to Talabat or Carriage.

4 Reasons Why a Business Should Have a Mobile App

As a business that is starting up, the priority should always be about how it can stay on top of the game and be at par with the competition.
The number of people who use mobile apps to interact with businesses is increasing and the future of mobile apps looks very bullish. Mobile apps have enabled customers to easily converse with businesses and enhance their experience.
So, the question of why a business should have a mobile app is quite easy to answer. Here are 4 reasons why a business should have a mobile app.
Be More Visible
When installed on the customer’s smart phone, a mobile app becomes a part of their life. The app icon (the icon used to represent the app is usually the logo of the business) is visible to the customer every time he unlocks, scrolls and goes through the smartphone. Sending push notifications regarding the business at appropriate times improves the chances of customer interaction.
Big Data Never Lies
The latest data and number crunching have found that people now spend 7 times longer on mobile apps compared to mobile web browsers. {Source: App Annie add hyper link}
That means, you could probably get used to the fact that apps are the future link that’ll connect you to the customer.
Geo-Targeted Marketing
In the yesteryear, billboards, flyers and kiosks were the way for a business to target an audience in a specific geographic location. This has been proven to be very costly.
GPS, WiFi and all other technology that comes inbuilt in the smart phones help in targeted marketing of app users at a much lower cost.
Targeting a specific audience of app users at a specific location at a specific time can drive sales and interaction.
Payment is Much Easier
A mobile app makes in-app payments and purchases much more secure through various levels of threat monitoring and by connecting with digital wallets and payment gateways.
The secure payment applications like Amazon Pay, Google Pay and PayPal makes it easier for the customer to pay for your product or service without worrying about the safety.
A well optimized and interactive mobile app helps a business get a competitive edge over the rest.
Want to know more about the benefits that mobile apps can bring to a business? Contact us!