Business Solutions

We, Emstell technologies, offer various business solutions based on our expertise. Our focus lies in six main services that include:

  • Data Analytics
  • Business solutions
  • Educational Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • Software Testing
  • E-commerce Websites

Emstell technologies specialize in premium quality mobile application development, web design & development, software testing services, and enterprise-quality software development for businesses such as SMEs & start-ups. We provide Enterprise Quality Management Software and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. The software helps in managing business processes for quality & compliance across the value chain.
Our business solutions include relevant data, insights, contexts, planning, execution, and impact. With strategic planning, we provide business solutions in our expert areas.

We offer a wide array of services to cater to any of your web, mobile, or digital marketing requirements. Check out below:

Document Management

Paper documents need to be protected and safely stored in a way to manage them for your business requirements. Emstell is a leading developer of Document Management software solutions in Kuwait dedicated to offering a comprehensive suite of document management services that include document scanning, storage, mail scanning, and shredding. With an aim to improve your business efficiency and complying with document retention policies, our solution manages and archives your business paper documents which can be later retrieved quickly at your disposal.

  • Document Imaging
  • Document Storage
  • Document Shredding/ Security
  • Document Searching
  • Document Viewing and Editing + format changing

Procurement Management

Emstell’s procurement software solution focuses on Category Management, standardization of the contracts – Contracting & Negotiations, induction of new suppliers, cost reduction, to improve the quality and speed up the entire procurement cycle. Our well-seasoned team of software professionals is proficient in developing easy-to-use and robust procurement managing software that cater to the unique supply chain requirements of diverse companies.

Benefits of Our Best-in-class Procurement Management Solutions

  • 100% effective in controlling costs
  • Compliance with international and national supply regulations
  • Error-free & Industry-Specific Solutions
  • Quick document approvals
  • Automatic renewal of contracts
  • Centralized sharing of supplier data
  • Precise purchase request process
  • Complete control and visibility

Oil & Gas and chemical plant management

Every business stream has at-least one mobile app for the ease of operating it. The oil & gas industry along with chemical plant demands mobile applications for streamlining as well as optimizing their performance for boosting their productivity. Automated systems work via mobile applications in oil & gas industry along with chemical plants. For developing an all-round app for oil & gas and chemical plant management, the software should be loaded with features that help in the process.

Leading organizations in energy sector are realizing the significant benefits across oil-field service and downstream processes by extending business enterprise asset management to mobile devices through apps.

Facility Management

We, Emstell technologies, design & develop facility management app that helps with managing your business assets & other amenities. A business organization or enterprise is built upon assets and facilities and it is necessary to manage them diligently. Our facility management app helps with this process and thus it becomes easier for you to manage your business through our mobile application.

We, Emstell technologies, are renowned in designing & developing apps that help with successfully running your business organization or enterprise. We have incorporated various features into our facility management app that helps with your businesses.

  • A single point of contact for all software issues, which is essential for boosting the work efficiency.
  • Develop a good relationship with your support team.
  • Multiple problems get solved with one phone call.
  • You can maintain internal & external consistencies at all levels through the facility management app.

Asset Management

We, Emstell technologies, design & develop Asset management software that helps with increasing your business. The asset management software gets designed to help business organizations and enterprises to efficiently track and maintain the resources they own. Asset management is essential for any business organization or enterprise to streamline their working conditions to attain maximum productivity, which improves the profit. The mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices help in asset management easier than before. The asset management app designed and developed by us at Emstell technologies relies on many features that a business organization requires to run smoothly.