Conference rooms are often in high demand. Within businesses, organizations, and shared office spaces, there are times when everyone seems to need the same room at the same time. Luckily, Emstell’s OnDesk meeting room booking software is here to help, and you will be amazed at how much time and energy everyone will save. After all, with OnDesk, you can:

Connect with coworkers

  • Allow members and teams to view when a conference room is open and book reservations based on availability.
  • Send instant updates to coworkers about any scheduling changes that occur.
  • Make it simple for coworkers to cancel and reschedule reservations.
  • View all scheduling activity in an easy-to-use online scheduling calendar that can either be accessed only by internal management or by anyone in the business, organization, or office space.

Specify different resources and opportunities

  • Set your resources to include projectors, audio equipment, Internet access, phone services, and more.
  • List as many conference rooms as you would like, and feel free to add more if needed.
  • Limit the amount of certain types of appointments per day so you are never over-booked.

Customize everything

  • Create a unique URL for your booking site.
  • Choose the logos, styles, colors, format, and images on your site.
  • Build your site around your booking needs. If you grow after your initial set up, don't sweat: you can always upgrade to the next level of service!

Expand your reach

  • Allow individuals to instantly schedule reservations – this appeals to busy businesses and organizations.
  • If you run multiple meeting facilities, you can make it easy for workers to share your name with others and for new businesses to find you by searching online.

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