Complete College and University Management System with below high Level Modules

  • P O R T A L S : Students, Parents, Staff, Management
  • ACADEMIC ADMINISTRATION: Academic Management: Program Management, Choice Based Credit Semester System, Student Management


Management System

Features transactions and activities for managing the entire lifecycle of a student in the Institution. From Enrollment to the Final TC Issuance, the module features the activities pertaining to both Academic and institution level management activities. Institution can create various subjects lists, different rules of attendance and management of the day to day administration pertaining to the students of the Institution. The system supports and is flexible for customizing for various academic curriculums including British, American, CBSE, ICSE and International requirements.

Academics Management

The academic cycle of the Institution with respect the curriculum is handled in the sections in Institution Management. Different sections in the Institution can have different evaluation methods. The report cards can be generated based on the evaluations patterns. Online Campus allows the Institution to define its on non-academic evaluation for the soft skills assessment for its pupil.

Fee Management System

The system Fee Chart option allows designing the fee collection pattern of the Institution based on individual needs such as monthly, quarterly fee, annual fee. Fee discounts for the second, third kid of a parent. Online Campus allows easy payment mechanism for parents through online and other defined payment channels. The outstanding fee can be tracked and reminded through the SMS System and is updated in accounts as receivables ensuring accurate financial figures at any point of time. Entire fee and payment transactions will be fed to the accounting module.


 Assigning various subject papers for classes.  Elective subject settings for individual students , Open & Elective courses  Grouping of subjects into Part I, Part II, Part III, etc.  Grouping Of Courses as open, complementary and Core Courses  Division of courses into components like theory, practical, etc.  Separate mark settings for components.  Separate Mark/Grade settings for course components .

Financial Accounting System

The accounting system is powered by the widely used Biznet application from Emstell. The system ensures real-time update to the financial data from all modules ensuring round the clock accuracy of the information. The proposed dashboard will enable the Institution authorities to make good decisions supported by the data analysis and Intelligence.

Payroll and HR Management

The system has been built, used and tested specifically to help the needs of Middle East labor rules of leave, payment and reports. Teachers and Non-teaching staff can retrieve their pay slips, leave records and other official data with ease in customizable formats.

Asset Management

Each asset in the institution is logged, mapped and tracked through its life cycle. The module features barcode creation, asset value calculation and Depreciation calculation based on standard norms.

Placement Management

Placement is one of the most crucial activity of all institution. This module helps to handle all these activities easily. Placement determines the reputation and ranking of the institution. The institution has tremendous responsibility in terms of good placement for their students. The placement module very efficiently handles everything and reduces the pressure of institutions. .

Timetable Management

Institution timetable can be created by providing predefined data inputs. System caters the needs of Work Adjustment for teachers. The confirmed timetables are made available in Student and Teacher portals.

Transport Management

Pickup, Drop points, Driver, Vehicle details of the students are tracked here. This module is integrated to the fees system such that the transportation fee collection is managed as well.

Library Management

The library management system offered by Emstell has separate software on Client Server and as Web application, system allows the user to access and administer the library anywhere from the globe. Circulation, Return and Stock management of the books can be handled hassle free using the Emstell library management system.

SMS Management System

The SMS Module helps to send messages to students or parents based on predefined triggers like fee payment due, annual student report issue, events and also allow custom messaging to chosen numbers.

Customizable Reports and Forms Generation

Each module contains the report section which generates custom and user defined reports. The reports can be exported to pdf, word and other formats.

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