Emstell offers  an aggregated Corporate Talent Development solution that encompasses all of the Learning & Development requirements of an Organization. It provides a holistic approach and monitoring mechanism that has deemed indispensable to the Learning and Development departments in business organizations across various domains. It also enables corporations in identifying the Organizational Behavior Insights and placing employees on a Competency based path to success and progression.


  • User Friendly Platform Accessible Anywhere, Anytime
  • Cost Effective & Efficient Training Delivery
  • Skill Competency Based Path Approach
  • Dynamic Insights & Reporting Analytics
  • Increases Employee’s Productivity
  • Customizable to suit your organizational requirements


  • Psychometric & Aptitude Assessments
  • Centralized Learning Management System
  • Competency Based Online Courses
  • Comprehensive Videos & eBook Library
  • Custom Course preparation based on the needs of the organization

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