Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to software as well as systems used in management planning of core supply chain in various sectors and other services & processes of an organization. ERP helps in automating & simplifying various activities across an organization or enterprise. The business organization sectors include accounting & procurement, customer relationship management, project management, risk management, and supply chain operations.

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Online Campus School Management (ERP)

We, Emstell technologies, provide Online Campus School Management ERP to schools in Middle-East, especially Kuwait & Saudi Arabia. The work and processes of various schools get optimized via this ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This ERP poses as a web solution for ample optimization, control & management of schools with structured software modules, which is well organized than much other software used by other educational institutions.

Odoo ERP

We, Emstell Technologies, implements or installs Odoo ERP to various educational institution systems. The Odoo ERP system is gaining popularity among various educational institutions as it is an Open Source ERP. An Open Source ERP is a software system wherein the source codes are publically available. Any software developer who is well-versed in source technologies gets to customize based on their needs and requirements. Some of the built-in modules offered by Odoo ERP include accounting, HR, project, and point-of-sale to name a few, with its default features. We, Emstell technologies, have expertise in building Odoo ERP.