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React Native App Development Kuwait

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by Facebook, enabling natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. It is based on React, the Facebook designed JavaScript library for building UI.

 React Native applications are written using JavaScript and JSX. React Native bridge however opts for native rendering APIs in Objective-C for iOS, and Java for Android, respectively. With React Native, your application uses real mobile UI components.

 When building your dream app with React Native, you can opt for Safari or Chrome development tools. What makes it stand out is its flexibility. Developers will write for one operating system, and quickly transfer this knowledge to get a head start on the next operating system. That means, if you’re looking to build an application for multiple platforms, this is your shortcut. Were you looking to create an app in both Android and iOS? This option will get you there – and fast!

 In some situations, React Native is the ultimate way to go about building your application. The results are everywhere! Some of the world’s most popular apps come from React Native. The likes of Facebook, UBER, and even Airbnb were constructed using this framework. The flexibility and compatibility are such that no matter when you need to update your specifications, this framework makes it easier than ever. 

 By sharing and reusing code, you can smoothly expand into other operating systems. This means that by applying your existing knowhow, scalability can happen quickly and precisely as you need. No matter the scale of budget, React Native supports rapid development, allowing you to build applications, even for an MVP.

 Some of the major benefits in React Native Development is a follows:

1)   Larger audience

2)   Personalized UIs

3)   Lesser development efforts

4)   Third party compatibility

5)   Easy to debug

6)   Less storage used

7)   Budget friendly

8)   Easy maintenance

9)   Easy to transform

10)   Community support

 In the end, you must have now understood why the React Native framework is good for mobile app development. The aforesaid reasons are few out of many which make it ideal among the others. Now you know that if you want a framework that works the same on all the platforms such as Android, iOS, React.

 Advantages of choosing Emstell:

  • No Outsourcing, all gems in house
  • 100% Transparency
  • Handpicked and highly experienced team
  • Honesty
  • Excellent coding standards in React Native testing scenarios
  •  Efficient programming and excellent UX architecture

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