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Emstell is strong development company for Mobile Apps in IOS Platform. We have developed over 50 IPhone Apps in different scales. Mobile Application development for IPhone Apps at Emstell is a mix of Quality Analysis, Strong Coding and development practices and excellent design and and user experience in Apps.

The IPhone apps market is very much lucrative once you have the right apps developed and marketed. Emstell with its years of experience and many successful apps, helps its customers and partners in building the most efficient and quality mobile app. 

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App Design and Development Process

We at Emstell, adheres to best of the practices in Developing IPhone application in terms of UX – User Experience and Functional Standards. Emstell have pioneered as a quality mobile applications development company in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UK and for clients in other Middle eastern countries.

At Emstell, we understand that iPhone app development is not just about your company rather  It’s about your users – your target audience. In order to be successful, you have to offer them what the users need exactly when they need. It needs excellent functionality with seamless, bug-free app that offers intuitive operation and stability. This is where Emstell Helps you.

Emstell’s Mobile Application development process includes detailed documentation of functional and technical specifications of the work going through agile or waterfall methodologies as needed for the project. We use Native development methodologies in XCode and Swift in our IOS Apps development.

Each function in the app is tested by our QA – Quality Assurance and testing team using STLC methods and tools before passing on for user acceptance testing.

Emstell Develops IPhone apps in Arabic and in English based on the needs of the client. The Bilingual mobile apps are developed such a way to suit the needs of target audience and demography it address like that of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Global audience with focus on United States (US) or Europe


  • Applications

    Thousands of applications developed for iOS, which are available through app store

  • Version 10x

    Apple iOS is currently available in v13.x release,

  • Feature Rich

    Powerful features ranging through Apple's Siri , iMessage, Apple's iCloud, iTunes and many more

  • iOS

    Apple's mobile operating system for its iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and similar devices

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