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My Reminders

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MyReminder – The Quick Short Reminder Assistant

Catch your short To Do points with MyReminder - Simple App which reminds you with Alarm for tasks to be done in less than an hour.
Prepare your quick To Do List with My Reminders – but note You got to do it in an hour

This is how it works

> Enter the Name for the Reminder
> Select the Time from available options of 10 Min, 15 Min, 20 Min, 30 Min and 1 Hr
> The clock with start Ticking and will remind you before the time is over
> If you complete the task - Any time select the reminder and Mark as Done
> If you want to extend the Time – Select the reminder and Repeat and then Choose the desired time to reminding next.
> See the history for the list of your tasks you completed and See how much attempts it took for completing that.


  • Research mate is simple to use and allows users to select exactly what they need to achieve academic excellence while they focus on other important matters.
  • ECommerce and Online RFQ
  • whatsapp, sms or Email.
  • whatsapp, sms or Email.

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