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Research mate is a user-friendly interactive application that is aimed at helping you save time and support your educational needs. Our team of expert writers works according to the set standards of educational excellence to bring you the best service possible within the industry.

Full Optional: Functions that allow the user to select from our list exactly what is required
Unique Design: Elegant design that user will find helpful
Voice Recording: User can record what they have in their minds in terms of what is exactly required by them
Easy to Setup: With both English and Arabic language the app takes less than a minute to set up and start operating
Flat Design: Three different modes to choose from with a special section for those that have a larger word count
Easy Download: Small size file that does not take up much space in your phone

Research mate is simple to use and allows users to select exactly what they need to achieve academic excellence while they focus on other important matters.


  • ECommerce and Online RFQ
  • whatsapp, sms or Email.

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