Amazon Echo

Adheres to best of the practices in implementing Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Adheres to best of the practices in implementing Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Emstell technologies are keeping track of the latest technology in town: the Amazon Echo. We know the potential of Alexa, the AI device that runs in Amazon Echo. Alexa is designed around Amazon Echo devices. Amazon keeps adding more services to the Echo and the service is made available to third-party developers as well, which opens up a lot of possibilities.

How to Use?

Amazon Echo gets connected to the internet via a home or office Wi-Fi network. Once it’s on, it keeps listening to the magic word to do its job of helping people! Amazon Echo gathers voice commands and sends them to the natural voice recognition service in a cloud referred to as Alexa Voice Service. The Alexa Voice Service interprets the voice commands and sends back an appropriate response. Amazon Echo has an array of microphones, which picks up voices over music & any other external noise.

Alexa for business service

Alexa for business services enable organizations & employees for making improvements in the work front. We, Emstell technologies, use Amazon Echo & Alexa cloud service for developing business applications that we deliver to you. Employees treat Alexa as a more intelligent assistant, which can give suggestions, recommendations, and be more productive in meeting rooms. Emstell technologies utilize Amazon Echo for our business services.

Features offered by Amazon Echo via Alexa

Improve meeting room experience

Alexa lets employees reserve or book meeting rooms and start conference calls. Intuitive voice commands get used for making these calls. Employees just need to give the command: “Alexa, who booked the room” to know to find the booking status. The employees can command: “Alexa, book the conference room” to get the room booked in time. Alexa also provides end-of-the-meeting reminders. Meetings get conducted in a timely manner this way. At Emstell technologies, we use Amazon Echo to book our meeting rooms & conferences.

Increase utilization of resources

Amazon Echo can be used to improve the utilization factor of meeting rooms and other resources. Developing business applications can get tedious and Alexa can be used to keep everyone motivated to do their jobs efficiently. In the case of meeting rooms, Alexa automatically tracks the room metrics. This information gets used to optimize the meeting performance. An overall observation over resources aid businesses to be efficient while working on designing & developing their applications. We, at Emstell technologies, use Alexa for perfect utilization of our resources.

Enhance employee productivity

Alexa, through Amazon Echo, helps employees to be more productive through their day at work. Our employees at Emstell technologies link their e-mail & calendars with Alexa. The features of Amazon Echo get utilized by personal or professional space via Alexa. We use Alexa to enhance our employee productivity at all levels.

Voice Enable Applications

Voice offers a more intuitive way to access business applications and Amazon Echo helps Emstell technologies in this process, via Alexa. With Alexa, our teams build custom skills that enable voice interface to our business applications.

All-in-all, Amazon Echo is a great asset for any business, and we at Emstell technologies utilize it for a great effect. Contact us to know more about this advanced technology and how you get to benefit from it!

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