Artificial Intelligence for Business

Adheres to best of the practices in implementing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Business

Adheres to best of the practices in implementing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Business

AI supports three important business needs that include automating business processes, gaming insight via data analysis, and making a connection between employees & customers. Process automation using AI gets done via Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies, which is advanced than earlier business-process automation tools; used for automating digital & physical tasks. RPA is the least expensive and easy to implement through cognitive technologies.

Machine Learning Applications

Machine learning applications get used via AIs for the perfect automation of processes. Various nuances of business applications get interpreted through this process. The cognitive insights provided by machine learning are more data-intensive and detailed. Various models, typically trained on some part of the data set. On the course of training, the models get better and their data analyzing power increases to a new level. Thus, the cognitive insight applications typically used in improving job performances.

AI technology

AI technology is nowadays used by various business organizations as chatbots and intelligent agents. Intelligent agents provide customer services round the clock, in the customer’s language. AIs used internally, focus on topics including IT, employee benefits, and HR policy. Product & service recommendations are given by AI through various business websites that increase personalization, engagement, & sales. AI technology uses cognitive engagement to facilitate interactions with employees than customers. Nowadays, customer interactions get done via machine-learning and AI technology.

Mobile Application Design and Development

Business process design


Systematic redesign of workflows, required for ensuring a proper system where humans & machines work together. In the case of implementing AI technologies, around 75 – 80% of decisions get taken by machines and rest by humans. The business process gets designed in such a way that, machines & humans complement each other by minimizing each other’s weaknesses and converting them to strengths.

AI in business application management

  • Process automation
  • Sales & business forecasting
  • Security surveillance
  • Voice-to-text features
  • Smart mail categorization
  • Automated insights for data-driven industries

AI in E-commerce

  • Personalization as a service (PaaS)
  • Smart searches for finding relevant features
  • Product recommendations
  • Purchase predictions
  • Fraud detection and preventing online transactions if needed


An assessment needs to be carried out for launching an AI program successfully. There is a need to evaluate requirements & capabilities, before developing the desired portfolio. The assessment should focus on business areas that utilize cognitive applications & AI technologies to good effect.

Emstell technologies utilize the services of AI technologies in our e-commerce software platforms as well as the business applications we provide to our clients. The AI technologies help optimize your businesses while streamlining your applications. Discuss with us, at Emstell technologies, to know more about how AI tools get used for improving various nuances of your businesses.

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