Broadleaf E-commerce

Adheres to best of the practices in Developing Broadleaf E-commerce application

Broadleaf E-commerce

Adheres to best of the practices in Developing Broadleaf E-commerce application

Broadleaf E-Commerce Development

We, Emstell Technologies, provide you with Broadleaf, an enterprise e-commerce platform ideal for all types of organizations including the Fortune 500 ones. The broadleaf e-commerce software platform offers the most sought after functionalities for various models such as B2B, B2C, and B2B2C at the best market value possible. The platform provides robust functionality within a lightweight framework.
Referred to as Broadleaf Commerce, the e-commerce software gets purely written in Java, leveraging on the Spring framework. Broadleaf e-commerce provides a strong data model, services, and tools essential for a robust platform. The features instilled are world-class and which could be utilized by all online retailers to its full effects. Interoperability is one of the main fortes’ we bring in via the Broadleaf e-commerce platform.

Main features of Broadleaf e-commerce platform

The Broadleaf e-commerce platform comes in with a powerful ordering & quote process. You get to expedite B2B order processes, which allow your sales representatives for accelerating your sales. The platform boosts conversions via instantly connecting clients with products they seek out more often.

You get to negotiate complex orders with an automated 2-way quoting process. Broadleaf e-commerce platforms allow speed ordering for your clients with the ability of re-ordering from an existing list or the previous order. The e-commerce platform provides quick order entry for bulk ordering. The Broadleaf e-commerce platform comes in with account-specific catalogs and pricing. With price controls and a formula based contract pricing for clients, the Broadleaf platform helps in assigning the same. Thereby, creating account-specific products.

The account management is fairly simple in the Broadleaf e-commerce platform. You get to create and import accounts and organize within their system for expediting business processes. The Broadleaf B2B edition offers the ability for enabling a self-service account. A facility that allows clients to do shopping all day long, every day. With the Broadleaf e-commerce platform, you get to set up account hierarchies.

We, Emstell Technologies, enables the Broadleaf e-commerce platform to be customized, as per your requirements along with system integration. The e-commerce platform gets uniquely designed with highly configurable out-of-the-box features along with a fully extensible framework. The e-commerce software provides suppliers with inventory portals and provision for catalog and order management.

B2C Features

User-specific browsing experiences form the highlight of the Broadleaf e-commerce digital platform. Some of the B2C (Business to Customer) features are as follows:

  • Organize products into categories and use dynamic search facets for easy acquiring of them.
    Boost results via flexible relevancy rules.
  • Deliver personalized experiences to customers via various segments based on an unlimited number of stackable parameters such as site-searches, order history, items in the shopping cart, order totals, dates, time, currency, loyalty status, and geographical details to name a few.
    Content zones can be defined and rules assigned for rendering custom landing pages, offers, promotions, content-items, and in-cart messages, to name a few.
  • Every Broadleaf implementation installed by Emstell technologies gets to be customized, for ensuring your e-commerce solutions run smoothly. Our technical integrations include design, development, hosting, UI/UX, QA, load testing, and analytics.
  • Let’s have a chat and you get to know more about the installation of Broadleaf e-commerce software platform solutions for your business needs and requirements.

BroadLeaf e-commerce

Broadleaf Commerce was founded in 2008 in direct response to the emerging needs of online retailers

Spring Framework

First company to develop an eCommerce solution using the widely adopted Spring Framework

Improved features

Ability to maintain internationalized messages, pages, and structured content is supported

Content Mangement

Content Management features allow sites to personalize promotional content based on any data

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