Software Developement

Software development involves creating software programs that include all stages throughout a systems development life cycle. The methodologies support software designs that meet the business needs. There are other protocols in software design that support maintenance, depending on certain situations or projects.

Business Application

Business applications get to be stand-alone modules. These could be part of a larger system such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that integrates multiple business applications, which share one data set. Stand-alone business applications get implemented easily. The data gathered needs to be transformed into a single format, which might prove to be tricky.

  • Website design & development
  • Mobile application development
  • E-commerce website and apps
  • Software Testing
  • Windows Apps

SME and Start-Up Solutions

Creativity is the key for small businesses & start-ups as uniqueness helps a store to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Start-ups create something unique while improving things that already exist. Small businesses focus heavily on customers. Start-ups grow endlessly. Emstell technologies support both SME and start-ups to find a place of their own through our various business application services.

  • Start-ups can create something unique
  • Start-ups can grow endlessly
  • Achieves fast growth & scale-up
  • We provide best tools to your team
SME sSlution

Custom Software Development

Custom software gets designed for a specific set of needs. The process consists of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining custom software for a specific set of people. Custom software is built upon a certain narrowly defined set of requirements

  • Automate unique business transactions & processes for creating an ample support.
  • Handle information and data regarding specific industries is a must.
  • Meet unique safety or privacy requirements.
  • Achieve greater productivity at a lower cost.
  • Enable new opportunities by improving competitive advantage.