SME, an acronym for small and medium-sized enterprises, gets referred to those business organizations that have around ten to two hundred & fifty employees in any number. All SMEs share certain common characteristics. All entrepreneurial startups or sole proprietorships as well as private-limited firms along with government ventures can get characterized under small & medium-sized enterprises or SMEs. We, Emstell technologies, help out these SMEs and start-ups with software as well as e-commerce platforms or business applications.

We offer a wide array of services to cater to any of your web, mobile, or digital marketing requirements. Check out below:

Booking Management

Our booking & appointment management system software allows businesses and professionals to manage the same. The booking management system software falls into two categories: appointment booking & online booking software. Customer appointment booking is further categorized into desktop applications & web-based systems (SaaS). Programs usually licensed & installed on the computer are referred to as desktop applications. Such programs get customized easily. Ongoing maintenance is essential for installed programs. Web-based systems, provided by third-party service providers, are accessible via a web browser. A common benefit of both systems is that customers can book their appointments as per convenience. Making appointments online is a much-preferred route. The four functions of the booking system include:

  • Integration with employees, members as well as customer data.
  • Calendar system integrated with a master database.
  • Ability to operate & analyze the data.
  • Permissions system.

Library Management

We, Emstell technologies, design & develop a library management system. The system is software that helps in maintaining the whole information regarding a library. The number of books available in a library, those issued, renewed, or returned or books with a late-fine charge are known through this record. The software keeps track of all information regarding the day-to-day works of a library.

  • Database that reduces manual paperwork and that has proper info about books.
  • Update info about books & managing their availability gets done with ease.
  • Library services get operated smoothly via the software we provide.

Fitness & Gym Management

We, Emstell technologies, design and develop fitness and gym management app that are loaded with many features. The app makes the management of a gym easier with various automated functions. A lot of people are becoming fitness freaks & gym enthusiasts day-by-day and as a fitness-centre or gym owner, you can maintain the details of your customers with ease through the app we develop.

  • The database as well as employee management gets easier.
  • The app helps with streamlined gym & fitness centre promotions.
  • The app helps with efficient payment processing.

Auto-trading & services

We, Emstell technologies, design & develop apps for auto-trading and services. Various factors need to be taken care of when designing such an app. You can boost your business through our app in the auto-trading & services sector. The auto-trading process usually happens at a fast pace without any human errors. Our app has been designed for facilitating this process. Auto-trading is a highly competitive sector and you can get involved by efficiently using the app designed and developed by us.

  • Live feed data about stocks & bonds.
  • Customize based on your requirements.
  • Trade automatically in a highly competitive environment with confidence.

Classifieds & Directories

We, Emstell technologies, design and develop classifieds & directories app that can be used by you for your businesses. Classifieds are advertisements that focus on certain products & services. Business directories help businesses to maintain their online presence. Classifieds and directories get accessed by mobile and web apps. Emstell technologies are renowned for designing & developing mobile as well as web application software. Various features get incorporated into the classifieds & directories app we design and develop.

  • The app provides a way to advertise freely through simple classifieds.
  • The app is responsive to both mobile & web platforms.

Real Estate Systems

We, Emstell technologies, design & develop real estate systems app, which gets used by realtors as well as people who are looking for rentals, properties, or apartments. Our app focuses on a smooth interaction between both parties. We have loaded our app with features and optimized the software to work in both mobile smartphones & websites. The latest trends get incorporated into the real estate app we design & develop for you. Features involved in the app include details of various listings & contact info of their owners or real estate brokers.

  • A smooth sign-in option with all relevant information.
  • An assortment of listings that you can categorize as favorites.
  • Easy way to contact owners or real estate, brokers.

Travel & Tourism

We, Emstell Technologies, design and develop apps for travel & tourism. People love to travel to many destinations and most of them have a favorite destination in mind. To fulfil their dream, they travel far & wide to exotic places. The travel & tourism app designed by us at Emstell technologies for you get used by your customers to go for their dream adventures. We pioneer in designing & developing mobile and web applications for various businesses in numerous sectors including travel & tourism. We have loaded the travel & tourism app with features that help in fulfilling your requirements during the travels undertaken by your customers.

  • A simple sign-in option that leads to an itinerary generator.
  • Geo-tracking services that help you with reaching the right destination.
  • Currency rate convertor that helps with foreign money when needed.
  • A provision to find about local emergency services.