Functional testing is a form of automated testing that deals with how applications functions, or, in other words, its relation to the users and especially to the rest of the system. Traditionally, functional testing is implemented by a team of testers, independent of the developers.

We at Emstell provide complete test coverage right from the Requirement stage to ensure reduced defect rates. Starting with Business Requirement documents, we produce full-coverage, end-to-end business scenarios to uncover critical defects in your existing system. Our approach involves every assignment from a business user perspective to ensure the system satisfies all user requirements.

Functional Testing Services:

  • End to End Testing: From testing requirements to test execution, with extensive reporting and management.
  • Functionality Testing – Feature validation of an entire function or component of your product.
  • System Integration Testing – Product functionality performance testing in an integrated environment through rigorous module testing and interaction with external systems.
  • User Acceptance Testing – Ensure that the product meets end-user functional requirements.
  • Regression Testing – Correction of product defects for each new release and ensuring that no new quality problems are introduced.
  • Detailed test metrics at the end of each test cycle.


  • Independent Team

    Corresponds to an independent team, who involve in testing activities other than developer

  • Distinct Assumptions

    Different set of assumptions to testing which helps in exposing the hidden defects and problems

  • Budget

    Ensures the proper level of money is spent on tester training, testing tools, test equipment, etc

  • Enhanced Test

    Repeatedly find out more, other, and different defects than a tester working within a programming team

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