Choose Right Technology for Ecommerce Solution

ECommerce Solutions which enable the companies to Go Online Selling and providing ready to go features out of the box are many. Magento is one of the prominent ones which has a heavy foothold in the global small and medium e-commerce deployments.

Emstell provides out of the box and detailed custom implementation of Magento Commerce for English and Arabic Language based E-Commerce Stores with single Store as well as Multi-Store or Multi-Vendor Selling models.

Magento is built on open source technology which provides online e-commerce sellers with a very flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the UI/UX, content and functionalities in the store by allowing code-level customization. Magento community have a massive amount of plugins available for various options which can be obtained either as Free plugins or paid licenses.

Since Magento uses PHP based technologies, the availability of technical resources is also a major advantage. Magento is heavy in comparison with few other open source solutions like Woocommerce, OpenCart Etc but is loaded with features. The selection of the system should be made only by considering the business requirements of the project.

At Emstell we provide the Technology consultation prior to development which will help businesses choose what’s more suitable before head starting the project. Contact us to discuss further

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Mobile Application Development with React Native at Emstell Technolgies

Mobile Applications can be developed using variety of tools and techniques. Most common development method is called, Native development. This basically means the tools and programming language used for the development are native to the App platform. Eg: The XCode with Obj C or Swift for IOS Mobile Apps and Core Java or Kotlin based development for Android Mobile Apps. These tools and language are from the developers and maintainers of those platforms itself, hence called Native

Emstell Technologies — Leading Mobile Apps Development Company for Middle East

The second method called Hybrid development uses other technologies to build apps which are cross platform, where in one main code is created and then deployed to multiple platforms. The Native apps benefits from the capabilities in using some of the unique features in the OS (Android or IOS) where in Hybrid apps are not optimized for this. Then came React Native

React Native is a Framework developed by Facebook to create Native Apps for IOS and Android using a single JavaScript based codebase. Unlike other hybrid mobile apps development tools and technologies React Native is not building a “mobile Web App” (Web based App inserted in a native box). The JavaScript codebase is compiled to a mobile application not differentiable from an iOS app built using Objective C or an Android application developed using Core Java. By this React Native Provides the benefits of both Native and Hybrid development Technologies

React Native framework uses React.js library to create a native mobile application It is different from the React, React Native uses native components instead of web based components to create the UI for the apps, along with JSX — a syntax that is used to embed XML with JavaScript. By this the developers are able to create Mobile apps by the method of creating web apps.

Many tests have shown comparable advantages in memory usage and UI aspects benefits alongside the benefit of keeping one codebase while dong a React Native based mobile Apps development. We at Emstell, ensures the technology selection is based on the needs of the market and the customers. Being pioneer development company for mobile apps and web solutions in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Emstell can deliver quality React Native Mobile Apps along with our Native Mobile Apps development streams.

Contact Emstell to discuss further on your Mobile Apps or Web Application development requirements to take this further. Thanks

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Document Management and Workflow Automation System from Emstell

Emstell offers one of the most robust document management and archiving system available in Middle East. Emstell’s iDox DMS from its partner automates your business processes and eliminates the operational bottlenecks to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your business. We offer infinite possibilities and delivers its clients an easy way of business integration and implementation.
Some of the advantages of Emstell’s IDOX DMS are ·     Reduce the time required to reach accurate information. ·     Preventing mistakes due to lack of regulation. ·     Making sure that right information is available securely to the right concerned resources successfully. ·     Availing documents over multi channels including Desktops, Web and Mobile. ·     Store all your documents in one secure central electronic repository. ·     Retrieve documents from various locations and multiple file cabinets. ·     Increases productivity & efficiency by decrease the time & cost. ·     Remain competitive by increasing business intelligent. High Level features of the solution ·     Bilingual Support (Arabic, English) ·     Multi Security Levels Login Authentications Repositories Security Level Folder and subfolder Security Level Trays Security Level Document Security Level ·     Applying Privileges to Admin, View, Add, Delete, Annotate, Edit, Print, Email, Downloads, Versioning ·     Document Workflow ·     Friendly User Interface ·     Simple Drag and Drop feature ·     Versioning Feature / keep your documents secure ·     Comprehensive Administration functionalities ·     Various search criteria to retrieve data ·     Email Notifications ·     Unlimited Number of Repositories, Indexes and Document Types ·     High technical support Level (Onsite and Remote Support) Contact Us to discuss further and to discuss how our system can automate the Document Management and Work Flow process in your organization. .