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It is important in the 21st century to bring your business online, nowadays most of the people search for products before buying them. Every business owner is trying to give is service or sell his products through apps because it is a service away just in a click.
Online selling has shown a proven result in the growth of customers and income for the business.

As per the reports every year 58% of growth in new mobile users and 30 percent of the growth in business through Mobile App and online. With the Mobile app, Your business is much easier to reach a large audience from a different locality. And also it is the easiest way to make a name in world wide.
There are few companies that only give service through Mobile Apps and online and make a great turnover by providing the best service, One of the benefits of developing a mobile app is to gain trust and customers all over the world. Business through Mobile App improves enormous growth in less period of time.
There is a wide range of users in mobile IOS and Android. We Emstell make Custom Mobile Apps Development for all Industry from A to Z, by applying all the standards from requirement gathering to App deployment and continuous support, We work to bring your ideas into reality which will bring life to your App.
We have successfully delivered many projects in the Middle East with English and Arabic Languages.
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التكنولوجيا قديما وحديثا واثرها في المجتمع

أفضل شركة برمجه في الكويت

التكنولوجيا تتطور بسرعة كبيرة، ما كان هناك قبل عام تقريبا يبدو عفا عليها الزمن في بضع سنوات. وسرعته وحجمه فوق التوقعات الجميع سواء كان التقني أو غير التقني. البعد من العالم بدون انترنت إلى العالم الإنترنت كان ثورة ومع ذلك نشأته يوما بيوم إذا قارن هذه الأيام

ستنطلق كل التكنولوجيا الجديدة قريبًا عبر المدن الكبرى والبلدان في جميع أنحاء العالم. سوف تزداد بشكل كبير مقدار سرعة وحجم البيانات التي يمكن نقلها عبر الشبكة. وبقدر ما يسرع الوصول إلى الشبكات ومواقع الويب الحالية ، فإنه يفتح الأبواب أمام مجموعة أخرى من الأجهزة وبروتوكولات الاتصال التي يتم تمكينها من خلال الطيف الجديد لنقل البيانات

لا تتطلب المنازل المتصلة وإنترنت الأشياء نطاقًا تردديًا أعلى وسرعة من حيث أداء الشبكة ، كما أن الفرص والمخاطر في الوقت نفسه ليست قليلة. عندما تأخذ أي تكنولوجيا أشكالها، يمكن للأعمال تحقيق القيمة في قطاعات متعددة من النهج

تحسين القدرات والخدمات الحالية من حيث السرعة والجودة والدقة ، إلخ

توفير المرافق والخدمات التي لم تكن موجودة من قبل ولكنها قادرة على استخدام التقنيات الجديدة على أيدي المحترفين

يحتاج أي طريقة لمتابعة ذلك إلى فهم واضح بشكل معقول للتكنولوجيا وكذلك متطلبات السوق المتوقعة. قد يتمكن الأشخاص الذين يعملون بالفعل من العثور على شرائح الفرص هذه بسهولة أكبر من أولئك الذين يبحثون عن إدخال سوق التكنولوجيا ان كان شخصي او تجاري

 من هنا سيلعب الموبايل  دورًا مهمًا في كيفية تفاعل البشر مع بقية الأجهزة. نظرًا لأن الجميع سيحصل على واحد على الأقل معهم أينما كان ، فسيكون معتادًا على معظم أو تقريبًا جميع التفاعلات الآلية التي يقوم بها البشر. كونها احتياطات متفائلة في تقدير وخدمة متطلبات السوق يمكن أن توفر فرص عمل ضخمة أو متخصصة في جميع أنحاء العالم.

امستيل هي شركة استشارية في مجال التكنولوجيا متخصصة في توفير التطبيقات والخدمات المتنقلة المتمركزة على الهواتف المحمولة في الشرق الأوسط لاسيما الكويت والمملكة المتحدة وأمريكا الشمالية. اتصل بنا لمناقشة أي مشاريع أو استشارات مناسبة تبحث عنها

Keeping in pace with Technology evolution

Technology is evolving so fast that, what was there a year ago almost seems outdated in couple of years.

5G is soon going to get rolled out across major cities and countries across globe. The amount of speed and volume of data which can be transferred through the network is going to increase drastically. As much as it speeds up existing networks and websites access it will open up doors for another set of devices and communication protocols which is enabled by the new spectrum of data transfer.

Connected Homes and Internet of Things does demand a higher bandwidth and speed in-terms of network performance, the opportunities and the Pitfalls at the same time are not few. When any technology takes its shapes business can achieve value in multiple segments of approach

1 – Improving existing capabilities and services in terms of speed, quality, accuracy etc

2 – Providing facilities and services which were not doable before but do able with the use of new technologies

3 – Protecting or providing services against the Pitfalls of the technology in various methods.

Any approach thus to pursue needs a reasonably clear understanding of the technology as well as predicted market demands. Those who are already in business might be able to find those segments of opportunity more easily than those who are looking for an entry.

Since, high data and performance are going to be the norm, our handheld mobile phones and applications will benefit from the higher capabilities it could achieve. Many surveys and predictions says that Mobile Phones will be able to do over 80% of the tasks what we are doing using a PC and other.

Connected homes enables interconnection and operability of various devices, services and apps, ranging from communications and entertainment to healthcare, security and home automation. This is one segment where we can expect a lot of devices to be introduced.

Similarly, is the wide opening in IOT sector – Internet of things is that system of interrelated computing equipment, mechanical and digital object, objects, humans, or animals are provided with unique id and having the ability to do data transfers without direct human interaction.

Mobile will play a critical role in how humans are going to interact with the rest of machines and devices. Since everyone is going to have at least one with them where ever he or she is, it will get used to most or almost all of the machine interactions humans are doing. Being precautions optimistic in estimating and servicing the market requirements can provide huge or niche business opportunities across the globe. Not to mention the opportunities on global and regional scales.

Emstell is a technology consulting company specializing in Mobile centric applications and services delivery enabling in Middle East, UK and North America. Contact us to discuss on any suitable projects or consultations you are looking for.

Choose Right Technology for Ecommerce Solution

ECommerce Solutions which enable the companies to Go Online Selling and providing ready to go features out of the box are many. Magento is one of the prominent ones which has a heavy foothold in the global small and medium e-commerce deployments.

Emstell provides out of the box and detailed custom implementation of Magento Commerce for English and Arabic Language based E-Commerce Stores with single Store as well as Multi-Store or Multi-Vendor Selling models.

Magento is built on open source technology which provides online e-commerce sellers with a very flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the UI/UX, content and functionalities in the store by allowing code-level customization. Magento community have a massive amount of plugins available for various options which can be obtained either as Free plugins or paid licenses.

Since Magento uses PHP based technologies, the availability of technical resources is also a major advantage. Magento is heavy in comparison with few other open source solutions like Woocommerce, OpenCart Etc but is loaded with features. The selection of the system should be made only by considering the business requirements of the project.

At Emstell we provide the Technology consultation prior to development which will help businesses choose what’s more suitable before head starting the project. Contact us to discuss further

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