Choose Right Technology for Ecommerce Solution

ECommerce Solutions which enable the companies to Go Online Selling and providing ready to go features out of the box are many. Magento is one of the prominent ones which has a heavy foothold in the global small and medium e-commerce deployments.

Emstell provides out of the box and detailed custom implementation of Magento Commerce for English and Arabic Language based E-Commerce Stores with single Store as well as Multi-Store or Multi-Vendor Selling models.

Magento is built on open source technology which provides online e-commerce sellers with a very flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the UI/UX, content and functionalities in the store by allowing code-level customization. Magento community have a massive amount of plugins available for various options which can be obtained either as Free plugins or paid licenses.

Since Magento uses PHP based technologies, the availability of technical resources is also a major advantage. Magento is heavy in comparison with few other open source solutions like Woocommerce, OpenCart Etc but is loaded with features. The selection of the system should be made only by considering the business requirements of the project.

At Emstell we provide the Technology consultation prior to development which will help businesses choose what’s more suitable before head starting the project. Contact us to discuss further

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Technology Selection for a Tech-Based Business

kuwat mobile apps and website design and development

It’s a Technical Project so make sure to utilize from the benefits of technology suitable for the business

As we say always, planning and implementing a Mobile App or Web-Based business does need a certain level of technical understanding for the business owners even if there are Technical staff and CTO to handle the detail.

A CEO should know that the technology selection can actually impact the growth and performance of the business in the real world, so should make sure that the technical staff involved are encouraged to make sure to choose that which is most correct and suitable. Using basic online references from good technology sites and forums specific to the business domain to understand the most suitable platform is a much easy first step everyone should do.

Certain simple aspects to look at are

1 — Is it possible to use an existing framework for the development, If Yes

⁃ what are the possible options?

⁃ What are the Pros and Cons of Each

⁃ how is the support for that framework or CMS System?

⁃ how scalable is it

⁃ How easy is to find developers and resources suitable for it

2 — If the development is being planned from scratch

⁃ Make the complete Functional plan for Multiple Phases and future plans for the project

⁃ Make sure to handle the aspects to support future development

⁃ Prepare various business scenarios where complex or not normal scenarios might happen

⁃ Situations of Peak Load on certain features

⁃ Situations of Cross load with multiple features / API/ data tables etc

⁃ Do the technology selection base on

1 — Features and flexibility to support the business requirements, most platforms can handle almost all levels of basic web and mobile business requirements except for very specific cases

2 Availability of technical and support resources in the platform should be major criteria

3 availability of commercial service companies in the selected platform/segment.

There are much more points which should be considered, irrespective of the project is developed in-house or with development. Emstell’s technology consulting services are here to help you to sail through the technology selection barrier for your business. Feel free to connect with us to discuss any further.

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