Does eCommerce reduce costs?

There is a very high overhead cost in offline businesses. The retailers cannot afford to sell the products at a low cost because all recurring expenses are very high. Most of the things in Ecommerce are automatic. Costs incurred in everything from inventory, customer details, payment details to product selection and management of customers’ interests are lower than traditional commerce expenses. The main reason for the growth of internet users and social media is E-commerce.

From a merchant perspective if he needs to expand the business to reach more people in the offline method he has to do more physical effort which increases the cost. Whereas with an eCommerce business, a single investment in one website or mobile application can cater to multiple markets.

All advertisements like solid prints, news and televisions are expensive and don’t give the vendor clear performance. Online Ads proved to be effective and cost less than traditional Ads. Its easier to monitor as a detailed optimization.

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Looking at Internet and Mobile App Trends in Kuwait

The Technology Penetration in Kuwait

Every market is looking for opportunities fitting to the needs or emerging trends. The advent of smartphones and its penetration to the masses have opened up new channels of commerce and transaction across the globe. Each business be that trading, finance, automotive, food or any other there is a big need to differentiate in the offerings and bring value to the customers. Beyond considering as a value ad, it sometimes has become a basic need to have a website or a mobile application for the business. In fact, there are lots of business which have its main platform of transaction as Mobile or web. In this article we shall analyze the trends in Middle East, especially Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia in internet and Mobile app based businesses and helping to find the right technology partner in selecting the development company for mobile apps or website in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE It is important to understand some key statistics of internet usage in the Region
  1. Internet penetration in the Middle East and North Africa is 39%.
  2. The UAE has the highest internet penetration rate at 75%, followed by Kuwait at 64% and Qatar at 61%. Egypt has the lowest rate in the region at 26%.
  3. 53% of e-commerce spenders in Kuwait and 49% in Lebanon used e-commerce for money transfer, while in the UAE, 54% of e-commerce users bought airline tickets, and Egypt marked an aggressive number of 35% for online auctions, versus the second highest being of 6% in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have the highest rates of smartphone penetration at 63% and 61%, respectively, while Egypt has the lowest at 5%
  5. 87% of internet users across the Middle East and North Africa access the internet from home.
Stats Info Courtesy : Kuwait has three mobile operators (Zain, VIVA, and Ooredoo), offering services on one of the most advanced mobile networks in the Middle East. The total mobile cellular telephone subscriptions account to 8,719,000 – a 240% penetration among the population. 100% of land area and population is covered by mobile network, while 4G LTE network has 97% coverage. The LTE coverage in Kuwait is 4th highest in the world, behind South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.     Adoption and availability of new technologies in Kuwait was ranked above average with scores above 5. Kuwait’s IT market is rapidly changing and there is increased demand for the latest technologies (such as analytics, mobility, and cloud services). Oil and gas, telecom, and banking organizations have always been ahead on the IT maturity and adoption curve, and even now are taking the lead in the adoption of advanced technologies. Information courtesy: CONSOLIDATED KUWAIT NATIONAL ICT INDICATORS REPORT 2016

How to find the Best company for Mobile Application or Website Design

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