Static is meant by the one that is not changed. It is the website that is delivered to the user exactly the way in which it is stored. Static Website delivers information without any bells and whistles. They are easy to develop, economical to develop and cheap to host. They provide information in HTML language and information written in it cannot be changed except change can be advocated only after change in source page.

At Emstell we create professional Static Website according the client’s need. Our trained professionals offers Web design Services, PHP Web Development, Outsourcing Web Design, off shore Web design ,Custom Web design, Ecommerce web design etc . The static designing part is feather in our cap.


Static Website Design can be in the form of company’s information about the product or any information about any person. Because of economical rate, easy in development and it requires much of less script Static Web site are in great demand as they are used for communicating accurate information in a given time period.


  • Extended Features

    Provide great extended features these days for large businesses to publish information on internet

  • Information Based

    More of content and information based sites as compared to dynamic sites

  • Static Design

    Static Website is a kind of website developed knowing that design would remain static

  • Simple and Low Cost

    Developed using simple HTML and is cost effective. Hence widely adapted by small businesses

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