Why do people prefer apps over websites ?

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Why do people prefer apps over websites ?

  • September 24, 2022
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E-commerce websites consist of a domain name that can be accessed by anyone having an internet connection while mobile application runs on mobile devices across two popular operating systems – Android & iOS. But the user needs to download your application in order to browse through your products and make a purchase.

Most of the popular eCommerce giants such as Amazon, and eBay are focusing on both the strategies – Mobile app and website. But this is not possible for every business as they are bound by limited cost, timeline, and manpower, forcing them to settle for a middle-ground solution.


There are reasons behind people liking something over something else. The same goes for people’s admiration for eCommerce apps over eCommerce websites. Businesses are in search of a renowned mobile app development company that can give shape to their ideas and develop successful apps for their business. 

But, what are the reasons that make apps better than websites? Let’s quickly have a look. 

  • Mobile apps offer better personalization than eCommerce websites. Mobile apps let the users set up their preferences and serve them custom eCommerce app development services. 
  • eCommerce apps have the ability to send instant in-app and push notifications to the users. These notifications are one of the prime reasons why many businesses are choosing apps over websites. 
  • Users all over the world spend more time on apps than eCommerce websites. Moreover, users spend the majority of their time on gaming apps, social media apps, and eCommerce shopping apps. 
  • Mobile apps are great for increasing conversions as they push users down the conversion funnel. 
  • Mobile apps create a great brand presence for the business as users encounter the apps they have installed every day. These encounters work as a branding opportunity for mobile apps. 
  • Another reason that makes mobile apps so popular is that apps work faster than websites. A well-designed mobile app performs actions quicker than websites. 
  • Mobile websites rely on browser functions like ‘back button,’ ‘refresh button,’ and ‘address bar’ to work, whereas there is no such need in mobile apps. A mobile app works on advanced features to offer more functionality.

An eCommerce website is really important for having an online presence while mobile applications offer amazing personalized user experience at blazing speed. We recommend having both so you don’t miss out on any crucial parameters.

But if you’ve got a limited budget and are looking for an apt solution then you have to consider many vast factors and data-driven statistics.



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