Developing mobile applications and websites for food delivery

Delivery of food to home or office space is not a new thing, but with the advent of technology things got easier. In the past history milk or few groceries were deliverable from shop to homes.

Now we are in the era of 5G mobile phones were everything is available in one touch. The people are now living in a virtual world. After the invention of smart phones, there came the development of many applications. Now at one touch things are delivered at our doorstep.

With the advent of food delivery apps like Talabat, Carriage, Delivero etc. most of the people started depending on the same.  Half a percentage of the consumers order food online at least twice a week.  Most of the techies found the delivery of foods at the door step more convenient in spite of the delivery charges and taxes.  Most of the restaurant found at least 60% increase in sales. Amidst COVID-19 there has been an increased dependency on these technology to order foof online. During the lockdown too following the COVID -19 protocols food delivery was permitted by the officials.

As the technology developed most of the IT Companies started the development of apps for restaurants, hotels etc.  Instead of giving out to companies like Zomato, the hotels and restaurants started developing their own websites and applications in which they found more profit.

If we check most of the five star hotels around the world have their own food delivery websites and some have started the development of the mobile applications too.

Emstell has its origin specialized in developing of mobile apps, website development.  It has operations mainly in the middle east especially in Kuwait and also across the world.

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