Food delivery applications during lockdown

Food Delivery Application

Food delivery applications during lockdown

  • February 25, 2021
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The whole world was battling tough against the spread of COVIS-19. Lockdown has brought life to a still. It was then people starting using technology to help sail through the time smoothly.

Several cities across the nation have been put on lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. Malls and other public places have been shut down, movement of traffic has been curtailed and restaurants have been asked to take pick-up and delivery orders and dine in was strictly prohibited. 

 Shopping things online has become much popular in the last decade. It is time-efficient and user friendly. During lockdown many online sites gave importance in delivering essentials at the doorstep of the people with contact less deliveries. The police and health departments directed to allow these online Food delivery apps in to function during the lockdown. People can use these apps to get the item’s delivery at their home.

People were allowed to move out of the house to purchase essential commodities only. It was then many shops decides to open an ecommerce platforms so that wont face any downfall in the business. Even food delivery companies like Zomato, Swiggy started delivery to essentials. Flipkart and Amazon also came us with these ideas. 

Now we can see so many hotels and grocery stores developing their websites and ecommerce platforms. People are also find more convenient and safe.

It was then there was boom in the IT industry and this gave a major growth for the industry. There was full support from the Government Authorities. 

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