Game Application – Android or iOS better ??

Game Application Development

Game Application – Android or iOS better ??

  • July 5, 2021
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Thinking of developing a mobile game app ?

 Choosing the platform for your mobile application is a major step towards its development. A majority of the population is working upon the electronic media and is a huge market for the organizations to serve. But, the population is diversified and distributed across a number of platforms on their devices.

Two of the leading platforms upon the mobile devices of the people around the world are Android and iOS. They constitute the largest share of the market leaving all other operating systems aside.

But before going ahead with the development, Companies have to keep up with some criteria’s.The application has to be beta tested. The market may like your application or may not. In case it doesn’t, going for both the platforms at the same time would be a setback for the Company. 

For the Company in their growing phase, it’s important to manage their finances and keep them intact without any leakage. The cost of app development upon both the platforms would incur an extra amount to be invested in upon the various aspects of application development.

Finding the target customers and segregating the right potential customers from the rest is the first step to choose the right one for the Company. The right platform is the one that has the largest number of the target market for your product or your service to serve and hence lead you to success.

Although Android may have a larger share of the market but still may not have the largest share of the target market in comparison to iOS. Although the size of the market matters, the size of the target market still matters more.

Android has a larger market than iOS and hence has a greater number of downloads than iOS. Android hosts a number of advertisements on its platform and hence, raises more money from them making a huge profit. This may seem to be a fair point in the decision to make choice but is limited to circumstances and areas related to the stream of the application service.

The motto of every business is to earn profits after all. A large number of users may not bring in the desirable profits that a small number of users may bring in who have a better wallet size. Therefore, numbers are not the only game to play in the market, there’s a lot more. 

While going through several factors, development cost plays an important role in the selection of the platform for application development. Companies need to verify and see if the development cost of the platform is worth the market they’re looking forward to serving.


Android has a wider community base and hence has got wider assistance for the users as well as developers. A number of platforms serve to Android due to its large number of users and hence is easy to design and ready to go templates designed. Android apps are easy to use and release out in the market with good marketing support and broad strategies due to their abundance and highly compatible platforms.


iOS has a higher stratum of users as their market and hence has a larger inflow of the revenue compared to Android. iOS is specially designed for Apple devices only and hence, can leverage the features and mobile prospects efficiently and effectively.


iOS applications are good in revenue generation. iOS applications are less complicated to develop. Android has a huge market share worldwide and iOS serves a smaller market but with larger wallet size. Android has a larger share of the market and hence a bigger community and have good support and better user interface support.


If it was one application that was perfect, why would we need the second one? The right application is not the one that is right but the one which suits the requirements at the best. Android has a different purpose to serve while iOS applications have a different purpose to serve.



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